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    You Can No Longer Smoke or Bring Certain Strollers Into Disney Theme Parks

    I completely agree with you. The "dodge the stroller" game can be very annoying and it is the fact that people just don't pay attention. They are pushing around these giant things and simply don't pay attention. I can't tell you how many times I have been hit in the back of the legs. This...
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    Amazing New Skillet Menu At Whispering Canyon Cafe at Disney's Wilderness Lodge

    This is one of our favorite restaurants on WDW property. I am hoping this is an upgrade to an already great menu. I always get a bit scared when good menus get overhauled. We will definitely still eat there on our next trip. Ketchup anyone??? ;)
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    New Bollywood Style Show Heading To Disney's Animal Kingdom

    This looks like a lot of fun. AK has always had amazing performances. Has anyone seen this yet?
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    VIDEO: Disney Announces Opening Dates for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge!

    oh man!!!!! We are going to miss this by just one week. Maybe a soft opening!!!!
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    Disney Shares New Information Regarding The Dining and Merchandise On Batuu Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

    Our family is not Star Wars fans at all. I mean there is nothing wrong with it but we just never got into it. I thought when Disney bought LF that might change but still not attachment to the franchise. With that said, we are extremely excited for this new land. I think the value that...
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    Walt Disney Studios Release First Trailer For 'Frozen 2"

    Holy cow! I know it's just a trailer but this DOES look pretty intense. Looking forward to it now.
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    Municiberg and the Incredibles Debut at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    @joeincanada I think they did do some brick work at the end of Pixar Place. I have not been there in person but the videos and photos I saw seem to look as if more brick work was added.
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    We have an Opening Date for Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy debuting at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Our boys are huge Cars fans and this sounds pretty fun. Is there any other information out about with more specifics to the show? Still seems a little vaque with the information out there as to what exactly to expect.
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    2019 Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Dates and Prices Now Available

    I know people are going to say why is Disney announcing this so early, we just finished Christmas. Thank you Disney. There are plenty of people that are planning their fall 2019 trip and need to know these dates to get their planning done. Including this guy and his family...Glad to see the...
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    Limited Edition Nestle Mickey Ice Cream Bars Available Soon In Stores!

    I hate this idea. There should be some things that are left to the parks. The fact that you couldn't get one of these anywhere else made them special. This takes that away.
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    runDisney 2019-2020 Event Calendar and Registration Dates Announced

    I am running in my very first run disney race this January. It is just the 10k but I am not a runner so this is all new to me. If all goes well I might try to push myself into the half for next year. Any tips for a first timer?
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    Disney Skyliner System Will Not Have Air Conditioning In Gondolas

    Yikes, had a feeling this is what would transpire. I do not want to be the first person stuck on one of those during a malfunction or lighting storm :mad:. They possibly couldn't have made this decision without massive testing. One would hope.
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    So Many Amazing Holiday Treats At Disney's Hollywood Studios

    WHOAH!!! come on now. Those all sound amazing. I am a shortbread kinda guy so I would have to say either of those look great to me.
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    Reimagined World Of Disney Grand Opening Features Entire Section Dedicated To The Mickey Mouse Club Collection

    I will be spending some money on some of this merchandise. Probably more than I need too but that classic logo is just so good.
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    Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Pins Announced

    Does anyone know if they will have mystery boxes this year?