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  1. RTroy29035

    Thomas Kinkade Disney Prints

    Just interested on how many of you out there collect Thomas Kinkade Disney Prints? Do you collect the large paintings that cost thousands of dollars or something a little more budget friendly like the canvas prints. I personally collect the canvas prints and have a total of 8 of them. I...
  2. RTroy29035

    Disney Dining Plan? Should we do it?

    If you are not big eaters than it may not be a good deal to add the dinning plan. However, there is the convenience factor to consider. You may spend a little more with the dinning plan but using the plan is extremely easy by simply using your magic band to use your dinning plan points for...
  3. RTroy29035

    What disney things do you collect

    I collect Disney Art. I have several animation cels and am currently attempting to collect all of the Thomas Kinkade Disney Collection. I also like to collect other various Disney memorabilia that catches my eye.