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    Special Edition Simba and Nala Plush to Support The Wildlife Conservation Network’s (WCN) Lion Recovery Fund

    Disney has always been a prominent contributor to worldwide conservation through their efforts to raise awareness and funds for projects worldwide. Some of these projects have included the Enhancing Recovery of Threatened Corals, Coastwatch Grizzly Bear Monitoring Initiative and Building...
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    Limited Release "The Lion King" Popcorn Bucket and Sipper Coming To Disney's Animal Kingdom

    Disney's Animal Kingdom is celebrating the 25th anniversary of The Lion King (1994) with food, fun and merchandise! This week Disney gave everyone a sneak peak at some of the fun items that will be found throughout the park. Today we take a look at the new limited release popcorn bucket and...
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    New "The Lion King" Remake Trailer and Poster Just Released

    If you were watching the Oscars last night you might have caught the latest updated teaser trailer for the upcoming The Lion King remake. Disney also released an official poster for the film. The new trailer for The Lion King is very similar to the original one that was released a couple...
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    Watch 'The Lion King' First Trailer Right Now!

    Walt Disney Studios just released the first trailer for the upcoming The Lion Kingmovie remake. This will give you chills if you are a fan of the 1994 animated classic. The short minute and a half trailer for The Lion Kingopens with the classic "Everything the light touches is our kingdom."...