Disneyland Paris Duckling Commercial Could Be Best Disney Commercial EVER!

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Disney Parks just released what could be the best commercial ever. If it isn't the best, it most definitely falls into the cutest one of all time. I mean, how can you not love ducklings!

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Disneyland Paris has a new television commercial that is making even non-Disney fans want to pack their bags and head to a Disney Park. The 2 minute long ad begins with a tiny ducking getting distracted by a butterfly. When the beautiful creature lands it happens to find itself on an old Walt Disney Stories comic book. To the surprise of the curious ducking, Donald Duck appears on the cover. She immediately becomes obsessed with the famous Duck and learns everything she possibly can through reading the comic book.

As the days pass the ducking holds onto that comic book and her Donald like it is a security blanket. One day when a rain storm hits the family of ducks, including the duckling, fly away. She tries desperately to carry the comic book but it falls into the water below. The baby duck reluctantly leaves her Donald behind and flys off with her family.

What is a sad story without an amazing ending. After the family of ducks have found their new home the sun comes out. The duckling walks slowly away from her family with her head down until she is distracted by a large shadow. She looks up to see her hero, Donald Duck, standing over her with a smile. They both embrace with excitement. The commercial ends with the entire duck family running over to Donald while the camera pans up to show Disneyland Paris'
Sleeping Beauty Castle and eventually the blue sky. This emotional story ends with the Disneyland Paris logo and the tag line "Where Magic gets Real".

If this commercial doesn't get you thinking about Disney Parks or getting a cute duckling, I don't know what will! Do you think this is the best Disney commercial ever?

Source/Photos: Disney


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OMG. This is such an adorable commercial. It’s more like a short than an advertisement. Wow. Makes me want to go to Disneyland Paris. I guess the commercial works hahaha


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In our day and age of attention span this is the kind of advertising that is needed. It tells a story that keeps you wanting more. Whoever was in charge of the story creation needs to get an award for this. I also enjoyed seeing the old Walt Disney Stories comic in it.