First Look Disney Parks Exclusive Funko Pop! Rides Alice at the Mad Tea Party

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New Disney Parks Exclusive Funko Pop! featuring Alice at the Mad Tea Party to be released at the end of January.

The Funko Pop! Rides showcases one of the most beloved Disney characters together with her classic Fantasyland attraction counterpart. Alice (Alice in Wonderland) is sitting in a purple tea cup seemingly spinning away. The beauty of the Pop! Rides collection is that is looks like Alice is in motion with her hair flowing. I don't know about you but I am getting dizzy just thinking about it, do you think she is too?

The Disney Parks Exclusive Alice at the Mad Tea Party is set to be released at Walt Disney World and Disneyland on January 26, 2019. You can find this Pop! at Big Top Souvenirs at Magic Kingdom Park as well as Pin Traders and Disney Style at Disney Springs. You will be able to purchase this at Disneyland at WonderGround Gallery at Downtown Disney and Le Petit Chalet and Disneyana at Disneyland Park.

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Will you be adding this Funko to your Disney collection? Let us know below.


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This is the cutest one yet. My husband and I are certified Disney Funko nuts. We have all of the exclusives that have been released from the parks plus a lot of the regular disney releases. This one (and Splash Mountain) have to be the best ones. I typically like the Rides better as they incorporate the attractions with the characters.

I am so curious about what attractions they have coming up. Really want a People Mover version but who would they put in it? Anyways, very excited for this one and will be at pin traders early in the morning.