It's The End of the Disney Movie Vault with Disney Plus Streaming Service

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Disney announced some amazing news for those of you interested in the upcoming Disney Plus Streaming Service. Disney CEO Bob Iger announced at yesterday's annual shareholder's meeting that the new service will include the entire library of motion pictures.

This news might have been buried a bit under the excitement of the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge announcement yesterday but this new is giant. This announcement will be the end to the "vault" system for Disney classics. Since the days of VHS, Disney has always followed a system of only releasing classic titles for a short time. After the limited time was up they were put back into the "vault". Of course you can always find these titles on the secondary market such as ebay or Amazon but you might have to pay a premium to get them.

"The service, which I mentioned earlier is going to launch later in the year, is going to combine what we call library product, movies, and television, with a lot of original product as well, movies and television. And at some point fairly soon after launch it will house the entire Disney motion picture library, so the movies that you speak of that traditionally have been kept in a 'vault' and brought out basically every few years will be on the service," Bob Iger, 2019 Annual Shareholders Meeting

This is really big news for Disney fans. We still do not have an official launch date for the upcoming streaming service but will keep you informed when any news is announced.

Does this news get you more excited for Disney Plus? Talk about it below!

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So essentially the Disney Plus is like a Netflix service?
Yeah, it sounds pretty amazing. Our family have been Netflix members for a while but I really think when this comes out we might dump it. I know Netflix has some great original content but our family really just watches the Disney stuff. We will be signing up for this for sure.


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I personally cannot wait for this to launch! We do Netflix service as well as so many other people, but the content has gone down to me. We rewatch the same movies or shows frequently and now the fact that we will have an entire new Disney library to choose from is exciting! I cannot wait for more news on this!