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WDW Kingdom Reward Points

We are celebrating the launch of the all new WDW Kingdom Forum with an amazing rewards program. The program is simple, post and you will earn points towards Disney Gift Cards and mystery Disney prizes. We know you have passion for Disney and now you can earn by simply talking about anything Disney. Our forum was created as a place for a community to grow, what we call the WDW Kingdom Disney Fan Nation. We are working to bring Disney fans together to talk, share, help each other and simply enjoy Disney.

We want to thank you for bringing your passion to our community. Thank you for joining the WDW Kingdom Disney Fan Nation!

How the WDW Kingdom Reward Program works.
1. You must join WDW Kingdom Forum or be a current member
2. Simply join in the fun and receive points for different actions in the forums.

How do you receive WDW Kingdom Reward points?
5 points for just joining
1 point for uploading an avatar
1 point for every day you simply log on
.05 point for every post you make* (posts must be at least 100 characters)
.10 point for every thread you start* (threads must be at least 40 characters)
.20 point every time someone replies to your thread
5 points on your Birthday!
50 points If you are a contributing author (contact us for more info) you will receive 50 points for every article we approve and post!
Bonus Points! At any given point you may receive a Magical Moment from one of the WDW Kingdom staff members and add bonus points to your account!

How to Redeem your WDW Kingdom Reward points for mystery prize and Disney Gift Cards?

Once you accumulate enough points to redeem for a Gift Card you will receive an email from a staff member and we will send out the reward that day! Once you redeem your point total will go back to 0. Example: If you redeem at 2,000 for a mystery prize, your points go back to 0 and you start again.
WDW Kingdom Reward Point Chart (total of $2,000 in gift cards up for grabs. As soon as we reach $2,000 in gift card giveaways the current promotion will end and we will start another. At that time all reward points reset to 0. If you redeem a prize your point total will go back to 0)
2,000 reward points = mystery prize
5,000 reward points = mystery prize
10,000 reward points = $20 Disney Gift Card
25,000 reward points = $50 Disney Gift Card
45,000 reward points = $100 Disney Gift Card
So what are you waiting for? Register or log in today and join the WDW Kingdom Disney Fan Nation and share your passion now!

*As of right now we will be running the WDW Kingdom Forum Rewards Promotion with no end date but we do reserve the right to end or update it at any time. Total of $2,000 in Disney Gift Cards will be given away. First members that reach the reward point plateau will receive the cards. (updated 4/27/2018 4 p.m. ET)
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