Kilimanjaro Safaris' Newest Masai Giraffe Joins the Herd at Disney's Animal Kingdom

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Jabari, which means “brave one” in Swahili, is the newest Masai giraffe calf to join the heard at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. He can now be found exploring the Kilimanjaro Safaris savanna with her mother.

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Jabari was born on the savanna at Disney's Animal Kingdom on January 14, 2019 to parents Mara and George. The baby Masai giraffe has spent his time bonding and developing with his mother. Now standing at seven-feet tall he has developed enough to venture out onto the savanna with the rest of the herd. This is great news for Kilimanjaro Safaris guests as he can now be seen as you experience the attraction. According to Disney, Jabari has a distinct heart shaped marking on his neck which might make him a bit more noticeable when looking for him.

"Our animal care team typically is given the honor of naming baby animals but this time the naming choice went to our safari drivers because they played such an important role in keeping guests calm during Jabari’s birth. Several of the drivers were on hand this morning to see Jabari in stride, which left them smiling and beaming with pride.
Jabari’s parents, Mara and George, were chosen to breed through the Species Survival Plan (SSP), which is overseen by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and ensures responsible breeding  of threatened and endangered species, thereby ensuring healthy, future generations. Jabari is following in the hoofsteps of his sisters Amira and Aella, two young female giraffe calves who were born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom last year. 
The Masai giraffe, found primarily in Kenya and Tanzania, is one of nine types of giraffe and is a vulnerable species. There are believed to be roughly 32,000 Masai giraffes left in the wild, and their population continues to decline due in part to poaching and habitat loss. " Disney
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This is adorable!! I have clients that love getting the sneak peeks of the new animals while they visit the park! Makes for a special experience!