New Disney Princess Coffee Mugs Available Now

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Disney mugs are one of the most collected merchandise that is available. It seems like everyday a new mug design is available. With that said there is an amazing Disney Princess Sculpted Mug Collection that is now available.

Mug collecting is not only fun but it is practical. You can display your Disney mugs on a shelf, at work and just about anywhere in between. They add a colorful touch of magic in your everyday lives, especially if you are using them for their natural intent, drinking out of them. The new Disney Princess Sculpted mug collection features 6 fun and unique designs. Jasmine, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Belle, Snow White and Ariel all have their own designs featured in this collection.

Each mug in the Disney Princess collection feature a unique look just like the princess they represent. These Disney Princess mugs retails for $24.99 and can be purchased on, Shop Disney Parks mobile app and at various shops at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Jasmine's mug is modeled after her reflecting and lotus blossom with the handle made to look like a magic carpet. The inside features the inspirational saying, "Soar to new Heights".

Rapunzel's mug features the beautiful luminaria and the saying, "Reach for the Stars". The handle is uniquely made to look like her whimsical tower.

The iconic pumpkin coach that Cinderella arrived at the ball in is the body of her mug and features the saying, "Make your own Magic" inside.

We all know Belle is about her books. Her mug is designed to represent a stack of books and the handle is the beautiful rose that was made famous in the animated classic. Belle's mug also features the saying, "Looking for Adventure" on the back.

Snow White's mug is sculpted into te shape and design of her wishing well. When you looking inside, you see the saying "The Kindest one of All".

The final mug in the Disney Princess Sculpted mug collection is none other than Ariel. The body of the mug features some underwater landscapes as well as a handle made from a dinglehopper. When you look inside this mug you find the saying, "Change your World".

Do you collect Disney coffee mugs?


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These are adorable. Yes our family collects disney coffee mugs. Typically we just display them but I have a couple that are used for coffee and tea. I collect Beauty and the Beast merch so I will be adding the Belle mug.


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I am not even a coffee drinker and I cannot help but want about 2 hundred mugs when I visit the parks! These are so cute, while Belle is my favorite princess...I personally like the Rapunzel and Ariel designs on these!