NEW Exclusive Disney Parks Funko Pop! Rides! Splash Mountain Attraction

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For those of you that collect Disney Parks Exclusive Funko Pop! get ready for the next release. The Splash Mountain Funko Pop! Rides! set will be released on August 25, 2018 at select Walt Disney World and Disneyland shops. You can find this Disney Parks Exclusive Funko Pop! Rides! at Disney Pin Traders at Disney Springs and Frontier Trading Post at Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort and WonderGround Gallery in Downtown Disney,
Disneyana on Main Street and Pooh’s Corner in Critter Country in Disneyland.

The Splash Mountain Disney Parks Exclusive Funko Pop! Rides! is the 22nd in the collection, including all variants, and features Brer Bear and Brer Rabbit splashing down Chickapin Hill in their log.

Complete List of Disney Parks Exclusive Funko Pop! from Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

162 Phineas
162 Gus (error with name)
162 Phineas GITD – 2016 SDCC
163 Ezra
163 Ezra GITD – 2016 SDCC
164 Gus
164 Phineas (error with name)
164 Gus GITD – 2016 SDCC
165 Hatbox Ghost
165 Hatbox Ghost GITD – 2016 SDCC
200 Indiana Jones Temple of Doom
236 The Collector Gold
258 Jolly Roger

258 Jolly Roger GITD – 2017 SDCC
289 Abominable Snowman
289 Abominable Snowman Flocked – 2017 NYCC
290 Orange Bird
290 Orange Bird Flocked – 2017 NYCC
293 Figment
2-Pack Enchanted Tiki Room featuring Pele and the Barker Parrot
Pop! Rides
19 Indy’s Ride – 2016 NYCC
47 Splash Mountain

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I don't collect these, but seeing this makes me want to! There are so many that I like. Why can I not have a Disney basement full of room to collect everything??