New Expedition Everest Attraction Merchandise From Disney's Animal Kingdom

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Are you looking for Expedition Everest merchandise? Disney just released some new shirt and hat designs based on the popular Disney's Animal Kingdom attraction!

Explore the Forbidden Mountain in style with this new gear but watch out for that pesky Yeti! These new styles and many others can be found at Serka Zong Bazaar, the shop located at Expedition Everest. If you can't get to Disney's Animal Kingdom you can still purchase these items on the Shop Disney Parks mobile app.

Expedition Everest T Shirt - Beware of the Yeti $24.99

Expedition Everest Tee Shirt - Beware of the Yeti (black) $24.99

Expedition Everest T Shirt - Mountain Rescue $24.99

Expedition Everest - Logo with Yeti $24.99

Expedition Everest Long Sleeve Shirt - Meet me at Base Camp $34.99

Expedition Everest Sweatshirt - The Forbidden Mountain $44.99

Expedition Everest Hat - Everest Patches Baseball Hat $27.99

Expedition Everest Cadet Hat $27.99

What do you think about the new Expedition Everest merchandise? Check out our front row POV ride through of Disney's Animal Kingdom's Expedition Everest.

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