Now that prices seem to be boarderline out of control...


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Just curious what everyone is doing nowadays to help budget for their WDW vacations. I am looking for new ideas to help pay for our trips. I read somewhere else that people have been driving for UBER on their spare time to make a little cash for their trips. Anyone have any other ideas?


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I use the Walmart app to get the savings catcher cash to rollover on to a giftcard to take with me.
Use the 52 week savings plan and hide that cash somewhere safe! I've often found no matter how many savings accounts you have linked to your bank account it's easy to move some money over and dip into savings rather than using the cash you have hidden.
Many apps or cards have rewards to gain point or cash for giftcards.
I buy a giftcard each time I grocery shop, usually $25 and youd be surprised how several months (grocery shopping every 2 weeks) helps bundle those up.


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We have a Disney Visa and use it for all grocery shopping and eating out, etc. We cash in our points on a gift card that we use for all our meals (well, it gets us through maybe half of our meals) for a trip.