PHOTO GALLERY: First Look Inside New Disney Tails Shop At Disney Springs

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If you are searching for the perfect Disney inspired gift for your pet look no further than the all-new Disney Tails shop located inside the Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs. We were there as the shop opened its doors for the first time and want to share some of the great products that are available.

Located next to the D-Tech on demand shop, Disney Tails is a small yet wonderfully themed shop that any dog (and even cat) lover will want to visit. The products range from tasteful Mickey Mouse themed food bowls to harnesses featuring some of your favorite movie properties and attractions. The shop itself is not large but is filled with enough Disney themed products to make even the most finicky pet bark or purr with delight.

Please check our our complete Disney Tails photo gallery to check out the great pet products for yourself.

We don't know how long this shop will be open at the Marketplace Co-Op as some shops last longer than others. I for one hope that is stays around for a long time. Even picked up a Haunted Mansion collar for our Border Collie, Mackenzie.

Are you going to visit Disney Tails at Disney Springs the next time you visit?

Source/Photos: WDW Kingdom