Reimagined World Of Disney Grand Opening Features Entire Section Dedicated To The Mickey Mouse Club Collection

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World of Disney at Disney Springs had it's official grand re-opening today after months of reimagining. Along with the overall aesthetics getting a complete overhaul so did some of the available merchandise. We had a chance to view the all-new Mickey Mouse Club area recently and have to say the merchandise is amazing and plentiful.

The Mickey Mouse Club is almost as iconic as Mickey Mouse himself. Well, maybe that isn't entirely true but if you are a Disney fan you most definitely have seen the show. The Mickey Mouse Club was a Disney based variety show featuring a cast of teens that originally ran from 1955-1959. The show was brought back numerous times throughout the decades with different names including The New Mickey Mouse Club (1977-1979), The All-New Mickey Mouse Club (1989-1996), and finally coming back in 2017 as a social media only show called Club Mickey Mouse. The cast members appearing on the show were called Mouseketeers.

The Disney Company has always been great, to say the least, at branding and marketing. Do you think that when they designed the logo for The Mickey Mouse Club over a half-century later fans would still be excited about it? Do you think the original Mouseketeer outfits (including the Ears) would still be highly marketable over 60 years later? Whether that was in the master plan or not it sure ended up that way. This brings us to the all-new merchandise area at the World of Disney store at Disney Springs that focuses on the style of The Mickey Mouse Club.

One of the first things that jump out at you as you walk towards the new area is a gigantic Mickey Mouse Ear Hat. It most defiantly draws you in. In the Mickey Mouse Club area you will find a large collection of vintage inspired apparel and themed accessories. Some of our favorites include the baseball Mickey Mouse Club ear hat, the Original 1955 Mouseketter shirt and the ornaments. Make sure you check out the entire photo gallery below to see all of the merchandise photos.

What do you guys think about this all-new Mickey Mouse Club Collection now available at World of Disney at Disney Springs? Do you see something you like? Please head on over to our original post on right here for over 20 more photos!
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I will be spending some money on some of this merchandise. Probably more than I need too but that classic logo is just so good.


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I love the new pops and icons within the store and the merchandise is always a favorite. How can you not love anything with Mickey on it?? The only thing I was sad to see when I was there is how industrial it looks and feels, almost cold and not vibrant and fun, but that's just me (I guess). I know it fits the theme of Disney Springs' overall look but I was always excited because it looked animated and cartoon like and I loved how bright and bold it was.