Special Edition Simba and Nala Plush to Support The Wildlife Conservation Network’s (WCN) Lion Recovery Fund

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Disney has always been a prominent contributor to worldwide conservation through their efforts to raise awareness and funds for projects worldwide. Some of these projects have included the Enhancing Recovery of Threatened Corals, Coastwatch Grizzly Bear Monitoring Initiative and Building Communities that Conserve Wetlands just to name a few. With the upcoming release of Disney's "The Lion King" The Walt Disney Company is launching a global campaign to raise awareness of the growing lion crises. This campaign will help support the Lion Recovery Fund (LRF) and its partners to help build awareness of the problems in Africa. They hope to achieve their goal of doubling the amount of lions in the wild by 2050.

Disney is releasing a limited number of beautiful Simba and Nala plush to help support the effort. For every plush sold globally, Disney will donate $5 to the Wildlife Conservation Network in support of the Lion Recovery Fund and its local partners. These colorful plush are now available at Disney's Animal Kingdom and will be made available a select Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort locations beginning on July 1.

"Wildlife Conservation Network’s Lion Recovery Fund supports a variety of organizations working across Africa to benefit people, wildlife and habitats. WCN has established an unparalleled reputation for integrity and programmatic impact and the LRF is dedicated to ensuring a long-term future for African lions and their habitats by engaging communities and developing campaigns that build support for the protection and revitalization of these animals." Disney Parks Blog
You can find the special edition Simba and Nala plush at Mombasa, Island Mercantile, and Discovery Trading Company at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Starting July 1 they will be available at the Emporium (Magic Kingdom), Mouse Gear (Epcot), World of Disney (Disney Springs) and more locations at Walt Disney World Resort.

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Source/Photos: Disney Parks Blog