Too many places to eat at Disney Springs!


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I was just looking at the latest DS map and noticed the amount of restaurants and dining locations. Holy moly there is a lot. Do you think they will all survive? Is there enough traffic to sustain them. Just curious everyones thoughts.


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Yes! --There are a TON of places to choose from, but honestly I think most will survive or if the worst be revamped in the future one day. There is a lot of foot traffic in Disney Springs and reservations are often hard to get for most places there. I have tried several there and enjoyed walking and the atmosphere they have created and grown over the past few years. The best part about it (and one reason it thrives so well) is its not just a mall and bland places with no life -- it literally an entire days worth of fun, shopping, movies, entertainment, dining, rides, signature Disney everywhere. The dining is fabulous. There are a lot of options for every budget and food type. Anything you have a craving for you and most certainly find the best spot to try something new. They put my favorite thing into each project within Disney and that is details.....they truly pay attention to everything while there and I think the majority of the dining offerings will stay a while.