Yes, Will Smith WILL be Blue for his upcoming role as Genie

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Aladdin doesn't open in theaters until May 24, 2019 and there is already some controversy brewing. Well, at least there was until Will Smith cleared up some internet pushback.

Entertainment Weekly published their "First Look" article on the upcoming remake of Aladdin today and it featured photos that turned the internet upside down. The photos featured Will Smith as the Genie in full on-screen wardrobe. The problem that a lot of folks had was that he was not the color blue. As we all know the Robin Williams character in the original 1992 animated classic was entirely blue. Smith later assured everyone on Instagram that he will indeed be blue. How are they going to turn him into the genie like color? You guessed it, CGI.
What is the big deal? Blue or not blue. We now know the character will be the same color as the original film but does it really matter? Did we all forget that the live-action remake Maleficent featured the lead character looking a bit different than she appeared in Sleeping Beauty? The Genie in Disney's Aladdin on Broadway is not blue. So again, does it really matter? We know that 10,000 years will give you a crick in the neck but does it definitely turn a Genie blue?

Are you excited to see the live-action remake of Aladdin(with a Blue Genie) when it hits theaters in May? Original article posted on

Source/Photos: Entertainment Weekly, Will Smith Instagram


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I am super excited to see the new movie! I always have loved Aladdin and regardless of the blue or not, this has the potential to be a fantastic Disney film! (My only sad regard is RIP Robin Williams, he was the best! :()